HSE processes for light rail workshop

• Preparation and validation of safety rules for the workshop
• Preparation of management plan / system, including HSE tools
• Safety walk - risk identification and assessment

Contract Management-Sourcing

  • Supplier identification
  • Pre-Qualification of supplier base
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Negotiation with tenderers
  • Evaluation process
  • Contract management

Quality Assurance (QA)

KP Consulting was contracted in 2014 by Israel railways LTD. (ISR) to implement Quality Assurance (QA) on their fleet of IC3 trains (45 train sets) which is maintained by Alstom/ Citadis since 2013.

KP's Consulting professional team (composed of a Project engineer, Team leader and QA technicians) have successfully managed the establishment of QA process into the maintenance project.

For the majority of time the team covers all trains in the fleet (in 3 daily shifts) that have undergone maintenance and are due to return to revenue service.

QA process were established and the start of the project, updated from time to time and aligned with the end customer ISR and Alstom. The process include, classification of failures by urgency/ safety etc. time to repair, measuring and recording process during inspection etc. reports generated by the QA team became the safety standard determining if trains can return to full service.

The result was an improvement of the trains maintenance condition from a low performance starting level in 2014 (availability, MTBF etc) by more than 50%.
As part of the agreement some of ISR technical staff was trained (OJT) by KP during the process in quality inspection, until becoming independent for routine QA inspections.

In 2016 ISR extended the contract further

Project Management, Development of baggage handeling system for Calgary Airport YYC

  • Establishment of organizing and reporting on progress to management
  • Scheduling tasks and interface
  • Follow-up on the Milestone Plan

Project Manager

- Development of new XRGI Micro combined heat and power plant and
- Development of a new heat manifold.

Business development

Start-up and operation of a business for gold alloys for the dental industry

Project Manager on implantation of Rejsekort( ticket system) at Arriva trains

Consulting on several large tender projects:

  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Supplier Negotiation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Preparation of tender text

Project Manager, implantation of Rejsekort (Ticket system) at Arriva Train:

  • Co ordinations with Rejsekort and other train operators in Denmark
  • Establishing Rejsekort setup in the existing organization
  • Education and training of the organisation

Project Management of production set-up for V112new wind turbine:

  • Establishment of organizing and progress reporting
  • Layout of production
  • Purchase of tools and equipment
  • Logistic set up
  • Production plan
  • Prototypes and 0-series
  • Supply contracts
  • QA

Business development- Strategic projects

Business development

Start-up and operation of a business for small wind turbines

Certification of a United States imported vertical wind turbine
Import of Chinese produced wind turbine

Business- development

- Growth in dental business


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