Business development

Is your company planning to develop a new services or after sales projects in maintenance, refurbishment, spare parts, then KP Consulting can help you get started based on many years experience in:

  • Business development
  • Development and specification of the value chain
  • Budgeting
  • Organizational alignment
  • Strategic alliances with suppliers

25 years in the business has given extensive experience in service and after sales projects in various industries, in counts both large and small companies.

Effective development

KP Consulting advises on how your company creates maximum growth with focus on the long-term quality results for the benefit of your business in the future.

In the case of the establishment of a new business, then KP Consulting help you to prepare:

  • A overview of the entire process
  • Develop a business plan
  • Develop budget for start-up operations, investments and daily cash flow
  • Establish mobilization plan (what should be in place before start-up)
  • Kick off in the organization and ensure necessary resources
  • Create strategic alliances with suppliers and customers.

This will give you a safe rollout of your new project.

KP Consulting can be hired into a full mission solution or partial solution as needed.

KP Consulting has 25 years experience with startup and consulting for new business and enterprise. Therefore, we offer professional assistance from start to finish.

Over the years, we have completed projects for many different industries and therefore offer our expertise in a very wide area. See the different cases under case stories.

Contact us by phone 40 32 93 21 to hear more.​


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