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Who is KP Consulting?

KP Consulting is a leading international engineering consulting firm with high professionalism, constant growth, and very satisfied customers.

We help our customers with a team of highly qualified and experienced engineering consultants, and in addition to deep technical specialization and experience, we have a solid business understanding of companies' needs and investments in strategic initiatives and solutions.

KP Consulting has competencies both within experienced development consultants and project manager specialists. It enables us to solve complex projects across customer needs and implement specialized solutions. Our consultants have competencies in the industrial and production sector. If your company needs help with technical issues, we will find the right engineers to carry out the task. We create the best possible solutions and match candidates to corporate needs, ensure the customer high-quality services and meet deadlines and budgets.

Built on insight and great professionalism that puts the customer at the center

We have 25 years of experience in project management, execution projects and industrial projects, and as a customer you will collaborate with some of the best engineers, as our team of consultants has unique competencies and a solid background. With KP Consulting's business insight, our customers gain a great competitive advantage. For 25 years, KP Consulting has provided specialized exchange of ideas driven by enthusiasm and professionalism, which is the breeding ground for our consultants' success in their projects. For our partners, this means that KP Consulting provides a valuable service that creates results, which is a key element in our success.


For 25 years, KP Consulting has built up a strong and large network, which creates value for our customers, employees, and partners. By being easily accessible and having short communication paths, we provide a high degree of professionalism and competent advice in quality assurance, project execution and project management. Our expertise and many years of experience, enable us to go directly into a project, so you use the resources smarter. We act proactively and create value by strengthening our customers' work processes.

A partner all the way

We offer our consultants exciting opportunities to work with national and international companies. In addition, we also have various agreements which provide opportunities for exciting freelance jobs within industrial projects.

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