Quality Assurance (QA)

Continuous quality assurance

In all development and production processes, the path to a successful implementation is to have an ongoing quality assurance process implemented. For some projects that might be a continuous follow-up on agreed objectives, in other projects a more pervasive process.

​Risk Management in the HSE area is one of our core competencies. We can therefore ensure that the projects meet the requirements of authorities and customers.

By providing the right skills, our consultants can ensure that the company’s activities are carried out without danger to employees, customers or consumers. Thus, the ongoing documentation and quality assurance of the project through all phases will minimize the risk of errors and corrections.

​Performance review

We advise our customers in the industrial sector on ongoing or completed projects and provide an overall evaluation of a project process. We offer to carry out an in-depth study and summary after completion of major industrial projects, which have many different parties involved in the process. It can be subcontractors, partners, project managers, own organization and top management.

Our consultants can elevate themselves in a helicopter perspective and provide an overall image of how all the parties involved handled the project and the collaboration. We can also clarify whether there was enough focus on the project from key personnel or departments as well as give recommendations for future projects. With KP Consulting, you are guaranteed a competent partner who gives you the insight you need to be able to change your company or your next project.

​ISO certification

An ISO certification is a guarantee that the company meets a number of specific standards and that the company's processes are optimized and quality assured. There is a wide range of ISO certifications, e.g. ISO 9000, which defines the standards within quality management and systems.

​Many companies require their business partners to be ISO certified. Our consultants are happy to help your company become certified in the areas that make sense for you and your company. We clarify what is required for your company to be certified, take the necessary measures and take care of all the 'paperwork'.

The advantage of having a good quality system implemented is that it is easy to spot for both employees, customers and business partners and increases trust in your company.



​KP Consulting has worked with many quality management processes, and since 2014 KP Consulting has helped implement QA (Quality Assurance) at Israel Railways. Part of the project consisted of educating and training the technical staff (OJT) in quality control. The work resulted in an improvement in the maintenance condition of the trains by more than 50%.

The quality assurance process was implemented at the start of the project and includes a classification of errors into safety classes as well as measurement and recording procedures.

You can read more about our project here.

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