Specialist skills​

Do you have the right skills to staff your projects ?

At KP Consulting, we have 25 years of experience inproject management, project execution and quality assurance. As a customer with us, you get the best advice and sparring. We create the best possible technical solutions and strengthen your work processes. That is why we match the company's needs with the industry's most qualified specialists. 

Our skilled consultants have competencies within the industry and production sector, and their high professional level helps you create specialized solutions and ensure progress and growth in your company. You will work with some of the world's best engineers.

We offer:

  • Value-adding input and development to your company.
  • A fast process, so your new project member can get started within a few days.
  • A solution which is tailored to your project.


Electrical engineer

The electrical engineers work with the development and design of products and systems. With their help, you get innovative and high-quality electronic solutions that match the company's needs.

Mechanical engineer

Does your company need help designing, analyzing and testing mechanical systems? With our skilled mechanical engineers, you get technological solutions that can help your company ensure the sustainable production of machines and products.

Industrial designer

Our industrial designers help you with everything from design to concept and product development. Focusing on your needs, they create solutions and products that are innovative and functional.

Software developer

Our experienced software developers are specialists in programming and system development and help you find new opportunities and create digital and intelligent IT solutions. With an eye on the technical potential, a software developer can help you design, program and implement software that meets your expectations.

At KP Consulting, we put together the right team of competent people to exactly your project in the period of time, which is needed for you.​​

Contact us today on (+45) 40 32 93 21 and we will find the right specialist for you!

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